Cấu Trúc Ngữ Pháp Và Bài Tập Modal Verb In Passive Voice


Câu bị động (passive voice)là kết cấu ngữ pháp giờ đồng hồ Anh phổ cập và dễ sử dụng trong giờ đồng hồ Anh. Nếu chúng ta vẫn chưa vững kỹ năng và kiến thức câu bị động cũng tương tự muốn cải thiện khả năng giao tiếp tiếng Anh thì hãy theo dõi nội dung bài viết dưới đây. Trong bài viết này,sofaxuong.vnsẽ share đến chúng ta về cấu trúc, biện pháp dùng câu bị đông.

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1. Định nghĩa câu bị động (Passive voice)

Câu bị động(Passive Voice)là câu bao gồm chủ ngữ là tín đồ hay trang bị chịu ảnh hưởng bởi một hành động.


The first diagram (1-illustrate)____________the process of cement manufacture, & the second diagram (2-show)_____________ the materials that go into the production of concrete.

It is clear that there are five stages in the production of cement, beginning with the input of raw materials and ending with bags of the finished product. To produce concrete, four different materials (3-mix)______________ together.

At the first stage in the production of cement, limestone & clay (4-crush)____________ to form a powder. This powder then (5-mix)______________ before it passes into a rotating heater. After heating, the resulting mixture (6-grind)_______________, và cement (7-produce)______________. Finally, the cement (8-package)_______________in large bags.

Cement is one of the four raw materials that (9-use)_______________ in the production of concrete, along with gravel, sand và water. Khổng lồ be exact, concrete (10-consist)_______________ of 1/2 gravel, 25% sand, 15% cement và 10% water. All four materials are blended together in a rotating machine called a concrete mixer.

Bài tập 4: kiếm tìm dạng đúng của những động từ bỏ sau trong câu ngơi nghỉ thể bị độngThe room (clean) …….everyday.Yesterday, the meeting (cancel) ……. Due khổng lồ a sudden fire.This bridges (build) ……….for nearly twenty years.Children should (reward) ……… when they help others.I got (school) …… after that experience.English (speak) …… all over the world.On Teacher’s day every year, my mother (send) ……… beautiful flowers by her students.Have you had your computer (repair) ……. Yet?We ( not allow) …… lớn enter this building.Where can she (find)…….?Bài tập 5: tìm lỗi sai trong số câu sau (nếu có)Five thieves were caught by the police.He ordered by the doctor to take some days off.An English class was begin last month.He was found in the forest by some local people.A house is going khổng lồ been painted at the over of this year.The number of students studying abroad has been increased recently.I am now lived in hcm city, but I were been born in Hanoi.During the Covid 19 pandemic, many shops were close.The price of some products have risen because they are advertised.City dwellers encourage to classify waste.Bài tập 6: biến đổi các câu dữ thế chủ động sang thành câu bị độngThe government is upgrading the public transport system in big cities.This company has employed more than one million employees for two years.Scientists invented computers several years ago.Why vì chưng young people prefer jeans?My team is going to lớn launch a new campaign next weekend.Do introverts often use social truyền thông media to communicate with others?The younger generation should maintain traditional values in a particular culture.Some men have chosen golf as their hobby.Where bởi people see many wild animals?Who wrote this book?Bài tập 7: thay đổi các câu dữ thế chủ động sau thanh lịch câu bị động (có thể viết theo 2 cách)Teachers should teach students curiosity and creativity.People believe that everyone should follow vegetarian diets.Nobody has eaten this dish before.They expect her lớn solve that serious problem.People deny that the traditional teaching method was not as effective as this new one.Experts give the public some useful information about the disease.The men had someone break into his garage last night.He wants the police lớn protect him.I got my clothes tailored by my mom when I was young.Celebrities hate paparazzi following them.

Đáp án cùng giải thích

Bài tập 1

1. This dish is brought to lớn me by the waiter.

2. These postcards are sent khổng lồ us by our friends.

3. They were told this story by their grandmother when they visited her last week.

4. This train ticket was ordered for Tom’s mother by him.

5. Her ticket was shown khổng lồ the airline agent by her.

6. This cake was baked by Jim yesterday.

7. A new apartment is going to lớn be bought next year.

8. The customer was handed these boxes by the cửa hàng assistant. HoặcThe boxes were handed khổng lồ customer by the shop assistant.

9. The first prize was awarded to lớn the reporter by the board.

10. Have the Christmas cards been sent khổng lồ your family?

11. Alice was appointed secretary for the meeting by the committee.

12. Anna will be given a ride to school by Tom tomorrow.

13. This room is kept tidy all the time.

14. Ann was given some bananas & some flowers by us.

15. The fridge was moved into the living room.

Bài tập 2

1. When will you bởi the work?

=> When will the work be done?

2. How are you going to giảm giá with this problem?

=> How is this problem going lớn be dealt with?

3. How vị you spend this amount of money?

=> How is this amount of money spent?

4. How did the police find the lost man?

=> How was the lost man found by the police?

Bài tập 3
1. Illustrates2. Shows3. Are mixed4. Are crushed5. Is then mixed
6. Is ground7. Is produced8. Is packaged9. Are used10. Consists
Bài tập 4
1.is cleaned2. Was canceled3. Have been built4. Be rewarded5. Schooled
6. Is spoken7. Is sent8. Repaired9. Are not allowed10. Be found
Bài tập 5
1. Không tồn tại lỗi sai2. Lỗi sai: orderedSửa lại: He was ordered by the doctor khổng lồ take some days off.

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3. Lỗi sai: was beginSửa lại: An English class began last month.4. Không tồn tại lỗi sai.5. Lỗi sai: beenSửa lại: A house is going to be painted at the over of this year.
6. Lỗi sai: has been increasedSửa lại: The number of students studying abroad has increased recently.7. Lỗi sai: lived cùng were beenSửa lại: I am now living in hồ chí minh city, but I was born in Hanoi.8. Lỗi sai: closeSửa lại: During the Covid 19 pandemic, many shops were closed.9. Không tồn tại lỗi sai10. Lỗi sai: encourageSửa lại: đô thị dwellers are encouraged khổng lồ classify waste.
Bài tập 6The public transport system in big cities is being upgraded by the government.More than one million employees have been employed by this company for two years.Computers were invented by scientists several years ago.Why are jeans preferred by young people?A new chiến dịch is going to be launched by my team next weekend.Is social truyền thông media used lớn communicate with others by introverts?Traditional values in a particular culture should be maintained by the younger generation.Golf has been chosen as their hobby by some men.Where are wild animals seen?By whom was this book written?Bài tập 7Câu bị động có hai tân ngữ

Cách 1: Students should be taught curiosity & creativity by teachers.

Cách 2: Curiosity & creativity should be taught to students by teachers.

Câu thụ động với đụng từ tường thuật

Cách 1: It is believed that everyone should follow vegetarian diets.

Cách 2: Everyone is believed to lớn follow vegetarian diets.

Câu bị động với nhà ngữ là đại trường đoản cú bất định

This dish has not been eaten before.

She is expected khổng lồ solve that serious problem.Câu bị động với cồn từ tường thuật

Cách 1: It is denied that the traditional teaching method was not as effective as this new one.

Cách 2: The traditional teaching method is denied not khổng lồ have been as effective as this new one.

Câu bị động với nhị tân ngữ

Cách 1: The public is given some useful information about the disease by experts.

Cách 2: Some useful information about the disease is given lớn the public by experts.

Câu thụ động với động từ “have”

The man had his garage broken into last night.

Câu tiêu cực với hễ từ nguyên thể

He wants to lớn be protected by the police.

Câu thụ động với hễ từ “get”

I got my mom to lớn tailor my clothes when I was young.

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Câu tiêu cực với danh rượu cồn từ

Celebrities hate being followed by paparazzi.

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