Tại nội dung bài viết này bản thân xin share các bài tập cố nhiên Tiếng Anh 6 thíđiểm. Các bài tậpđược phân tách theo các đơn vị bài xích học tương xứng như trong Sách giáo khoa tiếng Anh 6 thíđiểm hiện tại hành.Để xem những bài tậpở những bài học (unit) không giống nhau, chúng ta hãy click chọn những số tươngứng tại cuối nội dung bài viết này. Lưuý, những bài tập này hiệnđang trong quá trình xây dựng. Những bài tậpđược xem thêm từ các nguồn không giống nhau và sẽđược update liên tục. Mọi vướng mắc xin vui lòngđể lại lời thừa nhận xét bên dưới nội dung bài viết này. Thân chào và phạt triển!Unit 1 - MY NEW SCHOOLI. Find the word which has a different sound in part underlined.

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II. Match one word in A with one in B.
do basketball
play a school uniform
study homework
ride vocabulary
wear a bicycle
III. Write positive and nagative sentences with the present simple or the present continuous.Examples:- Hoa / ride to school / every day (+) Hoa rides to school every day.- They / have breakfast / now (-) They are not having breakfast now.1/ My friends / go to lớn school by bus. (-)2/ The library / mở cửa at 7:30 AM. (+)3/ Students / have a break / right now. (-)4/ I / study English / at the moment. (+)5/ Look! Our parents / wait outside. (+)IV. Choose the best option (A, B or C) to lớn each space.1. Every morning, I always ...... Lớn school at 6.30 and ...... Home at about 11:30.
VI. Put the verbs in brakets in the correct tense form.
1. School (finish) ......... At 4.30 p.m every day.2. Listen! ......... They (sing) ......... In the classroom?3. - Where ......... You (be) ......... , Phong? - I"m upstairs. I (do) ......... My homework.4. My family like (spend) ......... Our summer holidays at the seaside.5. It"s warm today. I (not want) ......... (stay) ......... At trang chủ now. What about (go) ......... Swimming in the river?6. ......... You often (eat) ......... Lunch in the school canteen?VII. Put a word from the box in each space to lớn complete the following passage.
The .........of my school is Luong The Vinh Secondary school. It is a ......... School. There are about eight hundred ......... And more than ......... Teachers in my school. They ......... Very hard so that we can ......... The lessons well. My school’s ......... Is very big. You can see all kinds of books in it. We also have a very large and clean .......... Students play all kinds of games during their ......... Time. My school is not big, but I ......... It very much.VIII.Read the passage & then choose the best answer.


My name is Quang. I am in class 6A1 at Nguyen Du School. It is a small school on Nguyen Du street. My classroom is on the second floor. There are 40 students in my class. My khung teacher is Miss Mai. She teaches us English. All of my classmates are really kind & hard-working. We always finish all homework at home. Every day, we start classes at seven o’clock and have a 20-minute break at thirty-five past eight. My school has a small schoolyard so the students usually stay in class or sit in the canteen at break time. After that, we are back khổng lồ our room và finish class at half past eleven.
IX. Read the conversation & answer the questions.

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Mr Green: Hey, Tom. How’s your first week at the new school?Tom: It’s great. But I was a bit nervous at first.Mr Green: Why were you nervous?Tom: The teachers are all new khổng lồ me, most of my classmate are new too.Mr Green: Are they friendly to you?Tom: Ah, yeah. They are all nice lớn me.Mr Green: What subjects did you have today?Tom: Well, we had maths, geography và computer studies, my favourite subject.Mr Green: Oh, good. So everything is going well at school?Tom: Right. I had a good first day. And… Dad, can I join the judo club at school? I like to vày judo.Mr Green: Yeah, Ok, if you like. But don’t forget to bởi vì your homework.Tom: I won’t. Thanks, Dad.Questions:1. Why was Tom nervous at first?2. What are Tom"s teacher và friends like?3. What is his favourite subject?4. What club does he want to join?5. Is Tom having a nice first week at his new school?X. Choose the correct word A, B & C for each of the gaps to complete the following text.

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What do you bởi vì if you want khổng lồ ...(1)... A book in a library? If you know the author"s ...(2)..., go lớn the tác giả catalogue. Find the title of the book ...(3)... Kiểm tra the shelf mark. Make a note of this before you look ...(4)... The appropriate shelf. If you bởi not know the author"s name, go lớn the ...(5)... Catalogue. If there ...(6)... No title catalogue in the library, go to lớn the subject catalogue. Check all the titles which are under the ...(7)... You want. Then kiểm tra the appropriate card, as with the tác giả catalogue. Next look for the book on the shelf. Let the librarian stamp it ...(8)... You take it out of the library. If the book isn"t on the shelf, ask the librarian to get it for you.