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Học xuất sắc Tiếng Anh Lớp 8 Unit 9 khiến cho bạn giải những bài tập trong sách bài tập giờ anh, học xuất sắc tiếng anh 8 triệu tập vào vấn đề sử dụng ngôn ngữ (phát âm, trường đoản cú vựng cùng ngữ pháp) để cách tân và phát triển bốn kỹ năng (nghe, nói, đọc cùng viết):

1. Underline & rewrite the misspelt words.

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(Trang 78 sách bài xích tập giờ đồng hồ Anh 8)

a. A boy fell of his bicycle & became unconscious. a) unconsciousb. An ambulence came lớn take him khổng lồ the hospital. b) ambulancec. He was taken to the emmergency unit. c) emergencyd. There, doctors & nerses took care of him. d) nursese. After two hours the boy revived và he feeled pain e) feltin his head.

2. Underline và write the inappropriate words. (Trang 78 sách bài tập giờ Anh 8)

a. When you get burns you should ease the pain a) coldwith warm water packs.b. When a person gets shocked, don"t give him (her) b) alcoholicany soft drink or alcohol.c. In a fainting case, you should give the patient c) water/ teaa glass of wine when he/ she revives.d. You should cover the wound of a dog bite with d) bandage/ handkerchiefa clean, dry shirt.e. When you get cut, use a handkerchief lớn cover the e) woundpain.

3. List the words in the box under the appropriate headings. Then you can & more words that you know lớn the headings. (Trang 79 sách bài bác tập giờ đồng hồ Anh 8)


4. Choose the best word in the box for each blank. (Trang 79 sách bài bác tập giờ đồng hồ Anh 8)

1. Accident2. Conscious3. Emergency4. Ambulance5. Bleeding
6. Wound7. Pressure8. Awake9. Victim10. First-aid

5. Read the following situations. Think of a purpose lớn explain the people’s actions. Use in order to/ so as khổng lồ with to-infinitive & the cues in brackets. (Trang 80 sách bài tập giờ Anh 8)

a. Perhaps she went to lớn another store in order to/ so as to/ khổng lồ get better milk of lower price.

b. She called at a flower siêu thị in order to/ so as to/ lớn buy flowers for her friend’s birthday.

c. She decided to go by bicycle in order to/ so as to/ to keep fit.

d. He called an ambulance in order to/ so as to/ to lớn take the victim khổng lồ the hospital.

6. Complete these dialogues with expressions for requests, offers, promises or instructions. (Trang 80-81 sách bài bác tập tiếng Anh 8)


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Could I mở cửa the window, please?

b. Shall I get you something to eat?

c. I will get better marks next month.

or I will work harder to get better marks next month.

d. I will bring it back before 6.30 pm.

e. Can I help you?

f. Could you điện thoại tư vấn an ambulance, please?

g. You should try khổng lồ stop the bleeding by holding a piece of cloth over the wound.

h. You should give him or her some cold drink.

7. Complete the sentences with will, ‘ll, or won’t. (Trang 81 sách bài xích tập giờ đồng hồ Anh 8)

a. Will let/"ll let e. Will have/"ll haveb. Will lend/"ll lend f. Will take/"ll takec. Will do/"ll bởi vì g. Will help/"ll helpd. Will take/"ll take h. Won"t stay.

8. Using going or will with a suitable word from the box to lớn complete the sentences. (Trang 82 sách bài xích tập giờ đồng hồ Anh 8)

a. Sorry khổng lồ keep you waiting. I won’t be long.

b. I am going lớn have a buổi tiệc ngọt next week. Would you lượt thích to come?

c. Nguyen is going to be a dentist.

d. Will you xuất hiện the window, please?

e. Will you get me a cup of coffee, Sinh?

f. Mom is going lớn buy a new dress this afternoon.

g. I will be ready in a minute.

h. Are you going to see a movie this afternoon?

9. In what situations should we bởi the followings? Match a situation with a suitable what to vì chưng list. (Trang 82-84 sách bài xích tập tiếng Anh 8)

1. Nose bleeding 2. Burns 3. Bleeding4. Broken bones 5. Tooth 6. Bites & Scratches.

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10. Read the passage & answer the multiple choice questions. (Trang 84-85 sách bài xích tập giờ Anh 8)

a. Bb. Dc. Cd. Ce. D