II. ANTICIPATED PROBLEMS: - Students are not familiar with this type of writing.

III. TEACHING AIDS: - board, textbook, chalk.


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Pre : 01.04.2013Tea: 04.04.2013UNIT 14: THE WORLD CUPD. WRITINGWeek: 12Period: 91I. OBJECTIVES: 1. Education Aims: - Students can write an announcement. 2. Knowledge: a. General knowledge: - An announcement concerning football.b. Language: - Language used lớn write an announcement.- The future tenses and the passive voice. 3. Skills:- Reading: read the model announcement.- Speaking: discuss in pairs.- Writing: write an announcement.II. ANTICIPATED PROBLEMS: - Students are not familiar with this type of writing.III. TEACHING AIDS: - board, textbook, chalk.IV. PROCEDURES:ContentsTeacher’s & Students’ activities WARM – UP (5’)- Where were the world held? - Which team became the champion?BEFORE - WRITING (15’)- Aims: khổng lồ get sts khổng lồ know how to lớn write an announcement.Task 1: Introduce the topic of the lesson: Writing an annoucement.* Introduce some new words:+a"nnounce (v): thông báo+ a"nnouncer (n):người thông báo+ announcement (n): thông báo+ co"mmittee (n): uỷ ban+ post"pone (v):trì hoãn+due lớn (prep): vì, do+ se"vere (adj) : very bad.+ con"tact (v):liên lạc+ The Ho đưa ra Minh Communist Youth Union : Đoàn tuổi teen Cộng Sản hồ nước Chí Minh1. Who is the announcer? 2. What is the announcement about? 3. When will the match be played? 4. Where will the match be played?* Answers :The national football championship organising committee.The match beteen nam Dinh and Binh duong .The match will be played at 3 p.m on Sunday, April 25th.It will be played at My Dinh national stadium.WHILE - WRITING (12’)THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP ORGANIZING COMMITTEE wishes to lớn announce that the match between phái mạnh Dinh and Binh Duong on Sunday, April 18 has been postponed due to lớn severe weather conditions. The match will now be played at 3 p.m. On Sunday, April 25 at My Dinh National StadiumTask 2: Choose one of the following situations khổng lồ write about:Who announces?What event?When? Where?Why? Etc+ Situation 1:1. Nguyen Trai High School Football Team.2. The team are looking for new players for the new football season.3. The first meeting of volunteers will be at 7 p.m on Sunday, April 15th.4. It will be at nhị Duong Central Stadium.+ Situation 2:1. The sài gòn Communist Youth Union of NT High School.2. A friendly match with New Stars Football Club.3. It will be played at 5 p.m on Sunday, April 20th.4. It will be played in the football field of New Stars Football Club. AFTER YOU WRITE (10’)* Samples:a. Quang quẻ Trung high school football team wishes lớn announce that the team is seeking new players for the new football season . Volunteers must be good at football and are studying at quang Trung high school. A shortlist of the team members will be made after a couple of tests. The first meeting of volunteers will be at 3 p.m on Saturday , April 15th, 2013 at quang đãng Trung school football field. If you want further information, you can tương tác Nguyen Le Kiet, class 10A1 or telephone number 01233050707.b. Quang quẻ Trung high school’s Ho đưa ra Minh communist Youth Union wishes to announce that the school football team will play a friendly match with New Stars Football Club at 530 Vo Van Kiet street. Tickets football team will be sold at the quang Trung high school’s Ho đưa ra Minh communist Youth Union’s office from the March 20th & cost 10000d for each. All money collected from the match will be used to help disabled students in DakNong province. Buy a ticket for match to enjoy good football and make a small contribution khổng lồ disadvantaged students.- Asks ss some questions- Ask sts lớn listen và repeat & then copy down these words into their notebooks.- Ask some sts to read these words again. - Ask sts lớn read the announcement in their notebooks and then work in pairs to lớn answer the questions that follow. - Allow sts to lớn work in pairs to lớn ask & answer the questions orally.- Move around khổng lồ help if necessary.- Ask sts to compare their answer with other pairs.- Get feedback & give remarks.- Tell sts that these four questions are the main contents of an announcement.- Asks Ss to read the topics individually và then work with a partner to analyze the topics, using the following table of summary lớn help them take notes- Have Ss write about one of the following situations. Then collect the writing from of the groups và correct mistakes.- Ask sts to read two situations in task 2.- Ask them to work in pairs to answer the similar questions lớn those in task 1.- Ask sts to create the time & the place of the meeting in the first situation.- Allow sts lớn work in pairs in 5 minutes.- Move around to help if necessary and to kiểm tra .- Ask sts compare their answers with other pairs.- Ask some pairs to lớn report.- Correct sts" mistakes if there are any- Aims: Sts practise writing one of the two situations.- Ask sts to write down what they have discussed into their notebooks.- Let sts write in 10 minutes.- Ask them lớn refer lớn the model announcement in task 1 if necessary.- Move around to lớn conduct the activity.Aims: to lớn get feedback and kiểm tra sts" work.- Get feedback by asking some sts lớn read their work aloud.- Ask some other sts to give remarks.- check and give the correct answer.- If there is enough time, T can have sts exchange their writing among sts within a group so that they can check their friend"s work and give remarks.Home work :3’- Summarises the main points of the lesson. - For homework, Ss write a paragraph about World Cup 2006 for the school"s sport magazine.