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BÀI TẬP TIẾNG ANH 10 THÍ ĐIỂM 17. He likes to lớn a nap for an hour when he arrives home from work. UNIT 2. YOUR body toàn thân AND YOU A. Bởi vì B. Get C. MakeD. Take Part I. PHONETICS 18. I’ve been a night owl up late for years, hitting the sheets anytime between Exercise 1. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D khổng lồ indicate the word whose 12 & 3 a.m. Underlined part differs from the other three in pronunciation in each of the A. Finishing B. GettingC. Staying D. Waking following questions. 19. It’s not too late to your bad habits (smoking, drinking, overeating, etc.) & 1. A. Allergy B. Digest C. OxygenD. Sugar immediately start living a happier, healthier life. 2. A. Breath B. Head C. HealthD. Heart A. Get rid B. Give onC. Kick D. Remember 3. A. Among B. Belong C. Toàn thân D. Strong 20. If people breathe in deeply, their can expand lớn twice their normal size. 4. A. Approach B. Children C. ChocolateD. Stomach A. Hearts B. KidneysC. Lungs D. Stomachs 5. A. Intestine B. Mind C. Spine D. Reliable 21. Some foods và spices may your breath for days after a meal. Exercise 2. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the word that differs A. Damage B. Harm C. ReduceD. Spoil from the other three in the position of the primary găng in each of the 22. Fish, poultry, beans or nuts half of their dinner plate. Following questions. A. Make of B. Make outC. 3d D. Biến hóa of 6. A. AilmentB. Disease C. Pultry D. Nervous 23. It’s another name for the backbone. It is 7. A. Digestive B. Intestine C. ConditionD. Evidence A. Brain B. Leg C. PumpD. Spine 8. A. Internal B. Skeletal C. Therapy D. Willpower 24. Ailments are caused by a/an of yin và yang. 9. A. Alternative B. Bacteria C. RespiratoryD. Scientific A. AbnormalB. Imbalance C. Unequal D. Unfairness 10. A. Acupuncturist B. Circulatory C. Ineffectively D. Vegetarian 25. Yoga increases endurance, và flexibility. Part II. VOCABULARY A. Blood B. PowerfulC. Strength D. Strong Exercise 3. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to lớn indicate the correct answer to lớn 26. Food and drinks which stronglyfthe body can cause stress. Each of the following questions. A. Boost B. Develop C. EncourageD. Stimulate 11. The controller of the body is the system. Led by the brain & nerves, it 27. As per the study, handful of nuts daily can cut people’s of coronary heart allows us lớn move, talk and feel emotions. Disease & cancer by nearly 22 per cent. A. Circulatory B. DigestiveC. Nervous D. Respiratory A. Chance B. Luck C. OpportunityD. Risk 12 system of the body toàn thân lets us break down the food we eat and turn it into 28. Acupuncture modality relies on sophisticated skills to lớn select appropriate energy. Acupoints to needles accurately. A. CirculatoryB. Digestive C. Nervous D. Respiratory A. Infuse B. InjectC. Insert D. Install 13. Skeletal system of the body toàn thân is made up of our It supports our body and Exercise 4. Mark the letter A, B, C or D to lớn indicate the word(s) CLOSEST in protects our organs. Meaning to lớn the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions. A. Bones B. Museles C. Nerves D. Vessels 29. Acupuncture originated in trung quốc and has been used as a traditional medicine 14. In under a minute, your can pump blood to bring oxygen and nutrients to lớn for thousands of years. Every cell in your body. A. Began B. Created C. Developed D. Introduced A. BrainB. Heart C. Lungs D. Vessels 30. There is no evidence at this time that acupuncture can treat cancer itself. 15. The human system is a series of organs responsible for taking in oxygen A. Clue B. DataC. Proof D. Sign và expelling carbon dioxide. 31. Acupuncture can treat from simple to lớn complicated ailments. A. Circulatory B. Digestive C. NervousD. Respiratory A. AcupointsB. Diseases C. Points D. Treatments 16. A healthy between work & play ensures that everyone has a chance lớn 32. Some people believe that acupuncture can be a cure of cancer. Enjoy their lives. A. Allergy B. Practice C. TherapyD. Treatment A. Balance B. Control C. Equality D. Nội dung 33. Acupuncture can ease nausea & vomiting caused by chemotherapy. Thẩm chổ chính giữa Vy, August 30th, 2020 BÀI TẬP ANH 10 THÍ ĐIỂM ~ UNIT TWOA. Increase B. PreventC. Reduce D. Spoil 47. Originally, there were 365 acupoints, but now this has increased khổng lồ more than 34. Are there any alternatives that might provide better options for gay people? 2000 nowadays. A. Choices B. Decisions C. Judgements D. Votes A. Reduced B. Stabled C. Transferred D. Turned into 35. The old blood cells are broken down by the spleen and eliminated from the 48. Acupuncture is considered khổng lồ be very safe when enough precautions are body. Taken. A. Cut out B. ExhaledC. Removed D. Held A. ComfortableB. Dangerous C. Sore D. Unhealthy 36. Humans will enjoy longer life expectancy when they are more conscious of 49. Compound exercises can increase strength and size far effectively than what they eat và do. Isolation exercises. A. Aware of B. Capable of C. Responsible for D. Suitable for A. Light B. Heavy C. MixedD. Single 37. Together, all of these treatments are supposed to lớn cleanse your toàn thân and 50. Care is also needed so that inner body toàn thân parts (lungs, heart liver, etc.) are not stimulate your immune system. Touched by the needles. A. Encourage B. Generate C. Increase D. Expand A. External B. Foreign C. Superficial D. Visible 38. The most common side effects with acupuncture are soreness, slight bleeding Part III. GRAMMAR and discomfort. Exercise 6. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to A. Direct B. Indirect C. OriginalD. Unwanted each of the following questions. 39. Consuming nuts can boost your heart health and lifespan. 51. Listen! There"s someone at the door. I the door for you. A. Eating B. Ingesting C. Inhaling D. Swallowing A. Am going to mở cửa B. Am opening C. OpenD. Will open 40. Doing exercise regularly helps prevent diseases lượt thích heart disease, stroke & 52. “Look at those dark clouds!“ ~ “Yes, it in some minutes.” type 2 diabetes. A. Will rain B. Is going to lớn rain C. Are going khổng lồ rain D. Is raining A. Avoid B. Cure C. Forbid D. Reduce 53. It‘s very hot the window. Please? 41. Tomato juice contains a rich amount of fiber which helps in breaking down A. Are you opening B. Are you going to xuất hiện LDL or bad cholesterol in the body. C. Will you xuất hiện D. Won’t you mở cửa A. CompoundsB. Comprises C. Produces D. Provides 54. Although I have taken some aspirin, the headache away. 42. The human toàn thân possesses an enormous, astonishing, & persistent capacity A. Isn‘t going B. Isn’t going to lớn C. Not go D. Won’t go khổng lồ heal itself. 55. On Sunday at 8 o‘clock I my friend. A. Cure B. Generate C. Protect D. Remove A. Meet B. Am going to meet C. Will be meeting D. Will meet Exercise 5. Mark the letter A. B, C, or D to lớn indicate the word(s) OPPOSITE 56. Wait! I you khổng lồ the station. In meaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions. A. Am driving B. Drive C. Is going to drive D. Will drive 43. The human respiratory system is a series of organs responsible for taking in 57. I my sister in April as planned. Oxygen and expelling carbon dioxide. A. Have seen B. Will see C. Am going lớn see D. See A. Breathing out B. Dismissing C. ExhalingD. Inhaling 58. Perhaps I thành phố new york one day. 44. Turmeric can help in boosting immune system and fight off miễn phí radical A. Am visiting B. Am going khổng lồ visit C. Visit D. Will visit attacks in the system. 59. What time tomorrow? A. Destroying B. Enhancing C. Weakening D. Stopping A. Are you going khổng lồ leave B. Bởi you leave 45. Although there are unanswered questions, acupuncture appears to work. C. Will you leave D. Would you leave A. Be incorrect B. Be ineffective C. Be uncertain D. Be unhelpful 60. Who the next World Cup? 46. Apart from being used as an ingredient in cooking, turmeric also promotes A. Is going to lớn win B. Is wining C. Will win D. Win many health benefits. 6l. He lớn the theatre tonight. He has got a miễn phí ticket. A. Contributes to lớn B. Discourages C. Stimulates D. Weakens A. Goes B. Is going C. Went D. Will go 62. I my parents at the weekend. I already bought a train ticket. Thẩm chổ chính giữa Vy, August 30th, 2020 BÀI TẬP ANH 10 THÍ ĐIỂM ~ UNIT TWOA. Visit B. Am going to lớn visit C. Visited D. Will visit 79. Acupuncture is (A) one of the (B) oldest medical (C) treatment (D) in the 63. Don‘t touch that dog. It you. World. A. Bites B. Is biting C. Is going khổng lồ bite D. Will bite 80. (A) Many accidents (B) is caused (C) by careless (D) driving. 64. It that half of your plate should consist of vegetables and fruit. 81. She (A) was gave (B) a box (C) full (D) of chocolate. A. Is suggested B. Is suggesting C. Suggesting D. Suggests 82. (A) Measles (B) are an (C) infectious disease that (D) causes fever và small 65. Foods into energy in the digestive system. Red spots. A. Are broke down & converted B. Are broken down and converted 83. Alternative therapies (A) often dismiss by orthodox medicine (B) because C. Break down and convert D. Broken down và converted they are (C) sometimes administered by people with no (D) formal medical 66. Stephen William Hawking on 8th January, 1942 in Oxford, England. Training. A. Born B. Has born C. Is born D. Was born 84. The practice of acupuncture (A) is rooted in the idea of (B) promoting 67 by your father? harmony (C) among human & the world around (D) them. A. Did that book write B. Did that book written 85. Human infants (A) born with about 270 bones, (B) some ot which (C) fuse C. Was that book writingD. Was that book written together as their body toàn thân (D) develops. 68. Acupuncture is part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) và in đài loan trung quốc 86. More research (A) is needed (B) to find out if acupuncture (C) is helped with for thousands of years. Other side effects (D) such as pain, anxiety or shortness of breath. A. Has been used B. Has using C. Has used D. Has been using 87. A man with advanced prostate cancer (A) is believed (B) to cured after 69. Mr. Snow that course since 1985. Doctors (B) shocked his tumour (D) khổng lồ death with huge amounts of testosterone. A. Hasn’t taught B. Haven’t taught C. Have been taught D. Taught 88. Norovirus (A) is a common stomach bug. It (B) also called the Winter 70. The acupuncturist decides which và how many needles will Vomiting Bug (C) because it is (D) more prevalent in winter. A. Be useB. Be used C. Use D. Used 89. You can (A) be put yourself at risk if you (B) don"t usually get many physical 71. The teacher the student for lying. Activities & then all of a sudden (C) vị vigorous-intensity aerobic activity, (D) A. Was punished B. Is punishedC. Punished D. Has been punished like shovelling snow. 72. As the patient could not walk he home in a wheel chair.

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90. Although the research is not yet final, some findings (A) suggest that your A. Has carried B. Was carryingC. Was carried D. Has been carried risk of endometrial cancer & lung cancer (B) may be lower if you get regular 73. The injured lớn the hospital in an ambulance. Physical activity (C) is compared to lớn people who (D) not active. A. Have taken B. Was taking C. Were taken D. Were taking Part IV. SPEAKING 74. It that the painting is a fake. Exercise 8. Mark the letter A. 8, C. Or D to lớn indicate the correct response to lớn A. Believed B. Is believed C. Is believing D. Was believing each of the following exchanges. 75. Most studies that acupuncture does not reduce nausea & vomiting caused 91. ~ Doctor: “Good morning. What can I do for you? by radiation therapy. ~ Patient: “Good morning ” A. Are shown B. Were shown C. Have shown D. Have been shown A. I am fine. Thank you. B. I feel very bored. 76. Acupuncture may not if you have low trắng blood cell counts or low C. I have got a bad cough. D. I want to lớn know it, too. Platelet counts. 92. "Do you know an hãng apple a day can help you keep fit, build healthy bones và A. Recommend B. Recommended prevent disease like cancer?” ~ “Wow! ” C. Is recommended D. Be recommended A. I would love to. B. It"s a good idea. Exercise 7. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D lớn indicate the underlined part that C. That"s incredible. D. You must lượt thích apple. Needs correction in each of the following questions. 93. ~ Doctor: “How long has your headache been going on?” 77. (A) Despite of its (B) general safety, acupuncture (C) isn’t for (D) everyone. ~ Patient: “ ” 78. Look (A) at the dark (B) clouds. (C) I’m sure it (D) will rain soon. A. After midnight.B. For a week. C. Last month. D. Three times a day. Thẩm trung tâm Vy, August 30th, 2020 BÀI TẬP ANH 10 THÍ ĐIỂM ~ UNIT TWO94. ~ Doctor: “Can 1 listen khổng lồ your chest?” ~ Patient: “ ” GOOD HEALTH A. All up khổng lồ you. B. My pleasure. C. No, thanks. D. Of course Most people would agree with the definition of good health as being a state 95. ~ Patient: "Will I get better soon?" (106) you are fiee from sickness. (107) this, there are many different opinions ~ Doctor: “ Take these tablets và it should clear up in a few days.” about how a person can actually have good health. People used lớn only think of A. Don’t worry. B. 1 am sorry. C. No way. D. Not at all their health (108) they were sick. But these days more và more people are 96. ~ Patient: "Please tell me how shall 1 take this medicine?” taking measures to lớn (109) sure that they don‘t get sick in (l10) place. ~ Doctor: “ ” One of the best things you can vày for your toàn thân is exercise. But now (111) is A. Take it trang chủ with you. B. Take it back khổng lồ me. Enough? Some people think that doing simple things (112) cleaning the house is C. Take it twice per day. D. Take as much as you can. Helpful. Other people bởi heavy exercise every day, (113) instance, running or 97. ~ Patient: “Is the surgery a major one?” ~ Doctor: “ ” swimming. One thing experts vị agree on is that (114) kind of exercise is good A. Why not? B. It’s OK.C. Yes, it is. D. I am not sure. For you. 98. ~ Patient: “ ” Along with exercise, having a healthy diet can help promote good health. Foods ~ Doctor: "Yes. But don"t worry. You’ll be given painkillers.” like vegetables and fruit should (115) several times each day. It is also A. Will I get better soon? B. Will I be checked for temperature? important khổng lồ eat foods high in fiber such as beans, grains, fruit & vegetables. C. Will it be painful afterwards? D. Will there be any side effects? Fiber helps your body to (116) the food you eat. It also helps your body toàn thân in 99. ~ Patient: “How much shall I pay you, doctor?” ~ Doctor: “ ” (117) ways such as decreasing the chance of getting some cancers, heart disease A. Don"t mention it. B. It’s my pleasure. C. £35. D. Take your time. And diabetes. 100. “How are you coming lớn the dentist tomorrow?” ~ “ ” 106. A. How B. When C. Where D. Which A. At 8 o"clock. B. By bus or car. 107. A. Although B. Because C. Despite D. Due to lớn C. Just in time. . Nearly đôi mươi minutes. 108. A. Even if B. When C. Whereas D. While 101. “Do you think you"ll get better?” ~ “ ” 109. A. Get B. Make C. Have D. Take A. I know so. B. I think not. 110. A. first B. Once C. One D. The first C. Well, I hope so. D. Yes, that’s right. 111. A. Far B. Many C. More D. Much 102. “I don"t think we should exercise late at night.” ~ “ ” 112. A. As B. Like C. Rather D. Such A. So bởi vì I. B. I think so, too. 113. A by B. For C. In D.with C. Neither bởi vì I. D. I don’t, neither. 114. A. All B. Any C. Both D. Some 103. “Have you had a flu shot in the past year?” - “ “No, ” 115. A. Eat B. Eating C. Been eaten D. Be eaten A. I am too seared to have one. B. I have one last years. 116. A. Consume B. Digest C. Ump D. Spoil C. I will have one next year.D. Not in the last few years. 117. A. Another B. Each otherC. Other D. Others 104. ~ Doctor: “When did the pain start?’ ~ Claire: “ ” Exercise 10. Read the following passage và mark the letter A, B, C, or D lớn A. About 2 weeks ago. B. Every morning indicate the correct answer lớn each of the questions. C. For a month D. From me Did you know that on average we forget about 80% of the medical information a 105. ~ Doctor: “Here is your medical certificate!” ~ Patient: “ ” doctor might give us? This fascinating information came khổng lồ light as a result of a A. Thank you. B. What"s a pity. Study carried out by Utrecht University. What is even more interesting is that C. Congratulation. D. You’re welcome. Almost half of what we think we remember is wrong. Part V. READING Why bởi you think this is? Well, it’s not as complicated as you may think. You Exercise 9. Read the following passage và mark the letter A, B, C, or D to see, going to lớn the doctor fills most people with anxiety & when we are really indicate the correct word or phrase that best fits each of the numbered nervous và stressed we are more likely to lớn focus on the diagnosis rather than the blanks. Treatment. Therefore, we know what is wrong with us but have no idea what to vị about it. Thẩm trung khu Vy, August 30th, 2020 BÀI TẬP ANH 10 THÍ ĐIỂM ~ UNIT TWOHere are some good tips to lớn keep in mind when seeing a doctor. Always write As for the actual jogging, the secret is lớn start gently, & not to bởi vì too much at down any important information. What would be even better is, if your doctor the beginning – especially if you haven’t had any exercise for a long time. Try a agreed, lớn record your consultation. This way, you can replay the advice at home, mixture of walking và running for ten minutes about three times a week at first. Where you are more likely lớn absorb it. If you believe the situation is serious or Once you are happy doing that you can then start khổng lồ increase the amount you vày you’re really worried, seek the help of a family member. Just ask them to gradually. After a few months you you should hope lớn be able lớn run at a accompany you lớn listen in. This way you can be absolutely sure about what the reasonable speed for twenty minutes three or four times a week. It"s important doctor has told you and avoid falling into the same trap that most people do. That you feel comfortable with whatever you do. If you do, you’ll start lớn enjoy it 118. According to lớn the passage, the information doctors give us và will probably keep doing it. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, you’ll A. Is about 1/2 wrong B. Is only 80% correct probably stop after a short time & return lớn your bad habits. In any case, C. Is mostly forgotten D. Is usually not enough training too hard is not very effective. Research has shown that somebody who 119. The word “complicated” in the passage is opposite in meaning khổng lồ exercises for twice as long or twice as hard as another person doesn’t A. Good B. Quick C. ShortD. Simple automatically become twice as fit. 120. The tác giả says that when people consult a doctor, 123. Which of the following would serve as the best title for the passage? A. They always believe that their situation is serious A. Exercise bikes B. Gentle jogging C. Keeping fit D. Running shoes B. They are interested in knowing what they should vì 124. What is true about the exercise bikes? C. They only want lớn know what is wrong with them A. Exercise bikes bởi not help you get fit. D. They usually have a family member with them B. It is more costly than most other sports. 121. The word “absorb” in the passage is closest in meaning lớn C. Many people prefer it to lớn gentle jogging. A. Digest B. Inhale C. SwallowD. Take in D. Most people don’t use it for very long. 122. The author suggests recording the consultant in order to lớn 125. The word "determined” in the passage probably means A. Play it to your family members lớn get their opinions A. ConfidentB. Decisive C. Flexible D. Positive B. Refer to it later khổng lồ better understand your condition 126. According to lớn the author, you should C. Trả lời it khổng lồ write down any important information A. Go jogging around a park or on the beach D. Use it as evidence against your doctor if necessary B. Go to lớn sports cửa hàng for high chất lượng running shoes Exercise 11. Read the following passage & mark the letter A, B, C, or D to lớn C. Keep warm at all times when you are jogging indicate the correct answer khổng lồ each of the questions. D. Spend time và money on fashionable items My first piece of advice to people who want lớn start getting fit is: don’t buy an 127. The word "injury" in the passage is closest in meaning to exercise bike. Typically, people who buy them use them for a week or so & A. Bleeding B. Breaking C. ShockingD. Suffering then forget about them. They are effective if they are used regularly but you need 128. It is stated in the passage that lớn be determined. Most people will find it much easier to lớn go for a gentle jog A. You are advised to lớn start jogging by walking for ten minutes around the park. B. You should expect to feel much uncomfortable when jogging As well as being easy to do, jogging is also relatively cheap compared to lớn most C. You should jog three days a week and walk on the other days other sports. You don’t need lớn buy expensive clothes if you’re just going running D. You won"t necessarily be a lot fitter by running twice as fast around the park or on the beach. The main thing is that they’re comfortable, and 129. The word “gently" in the passage is opposite in meaning to lớn that they keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. There is one piece A. Abruptly B. Effectively C. Rapidly D. Smoothly of equipment, however, that you will have lớn spend time và money on, và 130. The word “that” in the passage probably refers to lớn that’s your running shoes. Remember that you are not looking for a fashion item, A. A mixture of walking and running B. About three times a week but for something that will support your feet & protect you from injury. They C. Actual jogging at first D. Exercise for a long time can be expensive, but if they are good quality they will last you a long time. It"s always best to lớn get expert advice, & the best place for that is a sports shop. Thẩm chổ chính giữa Vy, August 30th, 2020 BÀI TẬP ANH 10 THÍ ĐIỂM ~ UNIT TWOPart VI. WRITING 138. Everyone can vì chưng Pilates. It doesn’t matter if you are not fit. Exercise 12. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the sentence that is A. You can do Pilates as a method lớn keep fit. Closest in meaning khổng lồ each of the following questions. B. You can vày Pilates no matter how fit you are. 131. This surprises me. C. You cannot bởi vì Pilates only when you are not fit. A. I am surprised by this. B. I was surprised by this. D. You should vì Pilates because you are not fit. C. I will be surprised by this. D. I would have been surprised by this. 139. You drink green tea from twice khổng lồ three times per day. It will bring you 132. They were interviewing her for the job. Visible results by days. A. She has been interviewed for the job.B. She was being interviewed for the job. A. Despite you drink green tea from twice to lớn three times per day, visible results C. She was interviewed for the job. D. She was interviewing for the job. Will be brought by days. 133. They may forget the password. B. Due khổng lồ you drink green tea from twice khổng lồ three times per day, visible results A. The password may be forgot. B. The password may be forgotten. Will be bring by days. C. The password may been forgot. D. The password may have been forgotten. C. Even though you drink green tea from twice to three times per day, visible 134. Students should have done the assignment. Results will bring by days. A. The assignment should be done by the students. D. Since you drink green tea from twice to lớn three times per day, visible results will B. The assignment should had been done by the students. Be brought by days. C. The assignment should have been did by the students. 140. Fatty acid level is low. It causes a higher risk of memory loss. D. The assignment should have been done by the students. A. Because of low fatty acid, a higher risk of memory loss is caused. 135. Everyone understands English. B. In spite of low fatty acid, a higher risk of memory loss is caused. A. English has been understood by everyone. C. Since the low fatty acid, a higher risk of memory loss is caused. B. English is understood by everyone. D. The result low fatty acid, a higher risk of memory loss is caused. C. English was being understood by everyone. D. English was understood by everyone. 136. The doctor told him not to lớn talk during the meditation. The end A. He has been told by the doctor not to talk during the meditation. B. He was told by the doctor not lớn talk during the meditation. C. He was being told by the doctor not khổng lồ talk during the meditation. D. He is told by the doctor not lớn talk during the meditation. Exercise 13. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D khổng lồ indicate the sentence that best combines each pair of sentences in the following questions. 137. We consume protein in meats & foods. We can stay concentrated and quick-minded. A. Protein in meats and foods which is consumed helps us stay concentrated & quick-minded. B. Protein in meats và foods which we consume helping us stay concentrated và quick-minded. C. We consume protein in meats và foods help us stay concentrated and quick- minded. D. We consume protein in meats & foods which helping us stay concentrated and quick-minded. Thẩm vai trung phong Vy, August 30th, 2020 BÀI TẬP ANH 10 THÍ ĐIỂM ~ UNIT TWO