Tiếng Anh 11


- Develop such reading micro-skills as scanning for specific ideas and guessing meaning in the context.

- Use the information they have read to discuss the topic

III/ Materials

Textbook, whiteboard,


IV/ Anticipated problems

Ss may not have enough vocabulary to talk about the topic, so T should be ready to help them.

V/ Procedure


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Unit 8: celebrationsPeroid 1: readingI/ AimReading about Lunar New Year in VietnamII/ ObjectivesBy the and of the lesson, Ss will be able to:Develop such reading micro-skills as scanning for specific ideas and guessing meaning in the context. Use the information they have read to discuss the topicIII/ MaterialsTextbook, whiteboard, Pictures, IV/ Anticipated problemsSs may not have enough vocabulary to talk about the topic, so T should be ready to help them.V/ ProcedureTimeTeacher’s activitiesStudents’activities5’10’22’4’6’7’7’1’Warm-up- Ask Ss to work in individual and look at the pictures- Give some pictures and tell Ss to answer the puestionWhat time of the year is it?- Call some Ss to answers- Give feedbackPicture1 : Tet Holiday Picture2 : ChristmasPicture3 : Teachers’ DayPicture4 : Mid – Autumn Festival- Introduce: Vietnam and other countries in the world have special days we call celebrations. And Lunar New Year or Tet is a great celibration in Vietnam. To understand more about it we will move to the reading- Ask Ss open the book on page 90, 91Before you read- Tell Ss to look at page 61 and to tell the partner which of these activities they enjoy doing most at Tet- Call some pair of Ss to tell their enjoyment- Give some new words: Agrarian /ә’greәriәn/(adj): lien quan den nog nghiep.Agrarian person (n) : farmer : nong danPeach blossom (n): Hoa ĐàoApricot blossom <"eiprikɔt "bl ɔsəm> (n): Hoa MaiKumquat tree <"kʌmkwɔt tri:> (n): Cây QuấtCandied fruit /’kændid fru:t/ (n): MứtLucky money (n): Tiền Lì XìLunar New Year <"lu:nə nju jiə(r)> (n): Tết âm lịch- Read once and ask Ss to repeatWhile you read-Tell Ss to read quickly the text in 5’- Go around class and help Ss in explain new words if they are necessaryTask 1-Call 1 S to read 6 letters in this task- Explain the request- Give Vietnamese meaning- Ask Ss match English words with suitable Vietnamese meaning.- Call some pair to answer - Correct the answerGrand trong dai Banner khau hieuSugared apples tao dam duongAgrarian thuoc ve nong nghiepPray cau nguyenExcitement hao hungTask 2- Ask Ss to scan the passage and decide whether the statements are true or false- Call some pair to answer and ask the the position of information in the passage- Give correct answer1. Tet is always on 20th February on the Western calendar F (sometimes between 19th January and 20th February)2. According to the text, for people anywhere in the world the beginning of spring is the start of a new year. F (agrarian people)3. Tet used to be longer than it nowadays T4. According to the text, “lucky money” is given to everyone at Tet. F (children)5. Kumquat trees are popular both in the North and in the South of Vietnam T6. People try to be nice and polite to each other because they want to have good luck on New Year’s Day F (during the whole year)Task 3- Ask Ss to work in pair, scan the passage and answer the question- Call on some pairs to answer and write down the answesr on whiteboard- Ask Ss the position of the anwer in the passage- Give feedback1. It’s sometimes between 19th January and 20th Fecbuary2. Tet’s preparations and celebrations used to be spread over months3. They are decorated with coloured lights and red banners4.They buy gifts, clean and decorate their houses and cook traditional foods. 5. It is made from sticky rice, green beans and fatty pork6. It is candied fruit such as sugar apples, plums or tomatoes7. Visiting friends and other family members, exchanging wishes, going to the pagoda, playing games.After you read- Ask to Ss towork in pair and tell their partners about their last Tet holiday- Give some suggested questions to support1. How you prepared?(cleaned up , decorated the house )2. Who you visited ?(relatives, teachers, friends )3. What special foods you ate? (banh chung, candied fruit)4. What activities you enjoyed most ?( receiving lucky money, going to the flower market )- Call some pair to talk about the last Tet holidayWrapping- Ask Ss to translate the passage into Vietnamese and prepare the speaking part- Work in individual- Look at the pictures- Answer the quetion- Open the book- Discuss with the partner- Answer- Write down the vocabularies in their notebooks- Read after T- Read the passage- Ask T new words- Read the letters- Work in pairAnswer -Work in pair-Do the task- Answer- Work in pair- Scan the passage- Answer the question- Write down the answers- Work in pair- Discuss with partner- Answer